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For this track feature we're looking at Can't Help It, the newest release from Los Angeles based Punk band, C.C. Potato. The song is really cool. It's a fast and fun track that gets right in your face and stays there until it's over.

C.C. Potato formed in 2016, and it sounds like they've been busy since. From what we can tell, they're already released two full length albums and have been playing shows throughout the American South West. Can't Help It has all the elements of a great punk song. Fast, heavy guitars and bass, constant snare smash drums, catchy sing along choruses... It's all there. This was our first time listening to the band, and it led to us checking out their entire discography. We dug this song so much we also added it to our Underground Punk Spotify Playlist.

Follow the band to stay up to date with new releases, and future shows! (after COVID). Check out Can't Help It below:

C.C. Potato - Can't Help It (Music Video)

C.C. Potato - Can't Help It (Spotify Stream)



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