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Havoc Underground is a Music Blog, Record Label, and Show Promotion company based in Orlando, FL. We focus on releasing music for bands in the Underground scene, as well as share industry news and put together shows and festivals. The goal of Havoc Underground is to help connect the independent music scene. 

Have music you want featured on the Havoc Underground blog? Looking to be added on one of our Spotify Playlists? Please use our Submithub platform below. We receive way too many submissions otherwise. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE'LL HEAR YOUR MUSIC, AND THE ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR MUSIC COVERED THROUGH HAVOC.

Have music you'd like to submit to be released through the Havoc Underground label? Questions about upcoming shows or an order from the Havoc Underground store? Interested in advertising on the Havoc Underground website? Any other random questions or inquiries? Use our contact form below :) 

Thanks! Message sent.

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