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Have you ever wandered through the deserts of the southwestern United States, lost at high noon, when the atmosphere is unbearably hot and dry, and slowly felt your eyesight wane from hours of squinting through glaring reflections over miles and miles of flat earth, the occasional mirage swimming into your purview? Perhaps you haven’t, but we have and are here to relay that the latest single from Bristolian artist UncleBoy traverses just such a landscape.

Blue Forever Blue” is a luscious blend of opulent synths, saturated guitars, thrumming bass, mixed alt percussion, and layered, sometimes heavily overdriven M83-style vocal harmonies that results in a psychedelic indie rock track with a tinge of 70s American southwest soul. It’s utterly refreshing, quite like the sudden materialization of a luxuriously verdant oasis, even if it is only a mirage.

Blue Forever Blue” is the first single from UncleBoy’s second album, set to release in spring 2022. With this track as a teaser, we can’t wait to hear the album’s full land-turned-soundscape. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Feast your ears on “Blue Forever Blue” and follow UncleBoy for more band info.

UncleBoy - Blue Forever Blue



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