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Los Angeles based Punk band, The Lungs, just released their new single "Wrong Window". Getting straight to the point... this song rips! This was our first time listening to The Lungs, but "Wrong Window" has guaranteed it won't be the last.

Pulling from a few different genres, The Lungs have tailored their own sound here. Elements of Hardcore, Punk, Math and straight up Rock n Roll are all present in this track. The band did a great job at blending these influences together, and ultimately leaving you with a song that you'll want to restart as soon as it's over. We dug this track so much we also added it to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.

Make sure to follow the band via social media (linked above) to keep up to date with new music and other announcements. Also make sure to follow the Havoc Underground FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for more music news!

The Lungs - Wrong Window (Spotify Stream)

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