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Depending on the location from which you’re reading this review, you might be preparing for a summer filled with poolside day club drinking, fine patio dining, and balmy night time bar hopping. Guytano’s newest release, “She Knows,” is the perfect accompaniment for any one of these glamorous warm weather activities. It has a carefree EDM pop vibe with fun synth overtones - a sound that the band describes as a true embodiment of the aesthetic and excess of Vegas. We’re not sure if the song is meant to be a warning against shot-gun weddings or more of an invitation to participate in one because the warm, glazed aesthetic of the song makes everything seem much more appealing…

Guytano is a Minnesota based quartet that started in 2010 as a punk rock cover band and eventually transitioned into an original synth-based pop rock project. Check out their discography online and follow them (linked above) for more updates. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Stream the new single below!

Guytano - She Knows


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