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Easing in with acoustic guitar, bare vocals, and a chunky synth motif, Dream Racer’s “Let’s Go Home” already deviates from the trajectory of the average pop punk track. Though the guitar, bass, and drums sustain that classic pop punk sound, the prominent synth remains throughout most of the song, giving the track more of an indie pop rock vibe that we might expect from bands like MGMT rather than seasoned punk rockers. It’s a cool texture that we hear emerging in an increasing number of songs from the hybrid indie-crossover-punk scene.

The track discusses the effects of sustaining a long-term relationship; a theme which is surmised in a chorus that repeats “I’ll carry you, you’ll carry me back home.” While a loving relationship means supporting each other through bad times as well as the good, the strain of “carrying” someone else constantly can be a burden for both parties. And therein lies the fragility of finding the emotional balance required for a healthy relationship.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow Dream Racer to see what else they have going on, and check out the music video for their new single below!

Dream Racer - -Let's Go Home

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