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For this Video Feature, we're taking a look at "Five Day Bender", a track from Brooklyn based punks Tired Radio. Getting straight to the point, this fucking rips. The raw energy that backs the track is only complimented by the real and relatable lyricism. If we heard Tired Radio a few months ago, this would have been added to our Best Tracks of 2020 list.

"Five Day Bender" is a single from the bands debut album "Patterns" that came out in August of last year. Enjoying this track so much, it led us to checking out the rest of their album. It's hard to believe it's the bands debut. It's obvious that they have found "their sound". Powerful lyricism, unique transitions, and on point production drive the album, leaving the listener with an overall anthemic and unforgettable release. We're not sure what they have planned next, but we cannot wait to hear more.

We added this track to the top slot of our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow the band to check out the rest of their music, we highly recommend giving "Patterns" a listen from front to back. Check out the music video for "Five Day Bender" below!

Tired Radio - Five Day Bender



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