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2020 sucked, but the music that was released this year didn't. We had over 4,000 songs sent to us this year. We shared a few hundred articles featuring some of those songs. We decided to make three different lists, narrowing down our top 50 tracks in the different genre fields we cover. This is our Top 50 songs submitted to us in the Punk Rock genre. This includes Punk, Pop Punk, Ska, Hardcore Punk, etc.

The list is in no particular order. Choosing a Top 50 was hard enough, there's no way we could number these! This was tough, as there was so much good music sent to us this year. Next year we might have to do a Top 100!

From bands signed to Fat Wreck, to bands you can see at your local 50 cap dive bar, these are our Top 50 Punk Tracks submitted to us in 2020. Enjoy!

Top 50 Tracks of 2020 - Punk Rock


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