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Elephant” is the unhinged, dangerously high energy debut single from The Death Set’s upcoming album, How to Tune a Parrot. Snappy drums, clattering guitar and bass, and keening high vocals are featured in this catchy track that fuses skate punk, garage rock, and experimental rock. Listening to the track, our mind’s eye envisions doing a lot of uppers far too quickly and villainously racing around Bangkok in a 120 mph police chase scene à la Fast and Furious.

The track’s hazardous and unbridled energy is reflected in the cinematic and fully absorbing music video, which was shot and edited by the band’s own Johnny Siera and features nods to classic films like Wild Strawberries, Blue Velvet, and Psycho.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the band’s music video masterpiece below and follow The Death Set for upcoming album announcements.

The Death Set - Elephant

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