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Sometimes whilst reviewing songs, one may come upon an enigma, a conundrum if you will. Allow me to explain: in this particular instance, all I received was a music video and no further information. The video is simply a gentleman screaming and growling on a beach accompanied by some very impressive metal music. Because he sings in German, all I know is that the title of the song translates to “No God”. Pretty standard stuff so far, but then come the curveballs.

Firstly, the band is called Sunshine (of all things) and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, at one point the gentleman stops screaming and eats an ice cream. He eats an ice cream. And people say Germans have no sense of humor. It is rare that I finish a review more confused than when I began, but here we are. Great song, intricate musicianship, good metal vocals, and absolutely no fucking idea what any of it is about. Ain’t music grand?

Sunshine - "Kein Gott"


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