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Love em or hate em, the beauty of AC/DC wasn’t necessarily the notes they play, but rather the spaces where they don’t. Those lovely bits of silence in between may be their greatest contribution to music. Brighton, UK band Harker doesn’t sound at all like AC/DC, but perhaps they understand the principle. Their fourth offering “Lights Go Out” from the album of the same name is a great example of that. Comparing bands isn’t usually my M.O., but while we’re at it, they’re reminiscent of everything that was great about early Against Me. It’s infinitely listenable, very catchy and those spaces in between get me every time. The verses suck you in and the chorus spits you out and that’s an experience I’ll support every time. 

What I don’t support is their self-described style of Post Punk Powerpop. Way too many P’s in there, and it makes me feel icky. Other than that, it’s a great offering from a very promising band. Cheers.

Harker - "Lights Go Out"



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