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So Beautiful,” the newest release from alternative duo Creative Differences, is the type of track to which you stormily stalk around your apartment while applying dark eye makeup before hailing your rideshare to the chic goth club downtown on a mild Friday night in early October. It’s dark electropop with vocals reminiscent of 80s new wave synth-pop and a backing track consisting of driving EDM DJ style drums and synth bass, lofi detuned toy piano, and other artfully chosen synth and sample sounds.

The arrangement opens with detuned toy piano plinking along under muted, tightly measured vocals. Then, suddenly, the piano tilts dangerously into a careening chorus of calibrated synthy mayhem. The vocals teeter between delicately contained psychosis and the angling edge of unhinged-ness. It’s like being on that one roller coaster at an amusement park that starts out climbing uphill at 10 mph, but you know there’s a dreadfully high peak mounting suspensefully ahead and it’s going to drop suddenly off a 300 foot cliff while you hurtle along and try to hang on for dear life. An exquisitely crafted and calculated danger that is no less exhilarating for its calibrated engineering, because even though it’s an amusement park ride and you’re not supposed to die, well, who knows.

The duo has already released two beguiling masterpieces of EDM pop craftwork in 2021. Follow the duo on their website or on social media to see what other types of gripping, careening tracks they release this year. We also featured this single on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new music video below!

Creative Differences - So Beautiful



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