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I’ve reviewed literally tens of bands during my two weeks at Havoc Underground, which makes me something of a seasoned professional at this point. (I tell ya man, I’ve seen some shit. It ages you.) And for the most part, I’ve enjoyed every song and that’s the truth. That being said, Copenhagen’s own Big Mess may have been my favorite song thus far.

Future Legend” is just really, really fun. Great early Screeching Weasel riffs with a really strong street punk vocal approach, they had me at “Hej”. (That’s a Danish joke, I think.)

This track is from their fourth album, Cleaning Up with Big Mess, released in Nov 2023. And if this track is any indication of their other work, I think I’ve got some off-the-clock listening to do. Now I just need to figure out how to get paid for that too, and I’m golden. Cheers guys, great job.

Big Mess - "Future Legend"


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