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New Jersey based Alternative Pop artist, Tyler Drama, just released his new single "Hear About It". While this might be on the softer/poppier side, in comparison to what we typically share, this track drew us in.

The vocal melody and instrumental blend perfect in this song. We use the term "Alternative Pop", because there's something in the overall vibe of this track that separates it from a traditional Pop song. The song draws an almost melancholy vibe from it's instrumental, while the vocals in this track leave you unable to not bob your head.

This was our first time listening to Tyler Drama, and we have to say we're really impressed. It seems like he's a pretty new artist overall, but we're really confident in saying that he has a lot more attention coming his way. Make sure to follow his artist page (linked above) to hear the rest of his music. We added "Hear About It" to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify as well. Check out the track below.

Tyler Drama - Hear About It (Spotify Stream)

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