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Willow Tree,” the latest single from Swedish indie group Balloon Maker, is a delightful midsummer daydream track. Relaxed indie vocals dance lightheartedly around a backing of rhythmic piano comping, light drums, and a hint of acoustic guitar.

We absolutely adore the menagerie of synth and other electronic timbres concocted throughout this track. It’s like walking through the boardgame Candy Land with pushy cello-esque leads harvested in Plumpy’s plum tree forest, light rotary pads swirling in the distance like chimney smoke from Grandma Nutt’s cozy peanut brittle house, spritely bell tones sprinkled through the Lollypop Woods, and bold mid-range chords emanating from King Kandy’s castle. We are also reminded of fun arcade style videogame soundtracks, particularly the endearing and ever-playable Mr. Driller.

Willow Tree” is a lovely little track that pleasantly personifies balmy summer evenings, melting ice cream cones, and cream soda floats with all its indie goodness. Take a trip through the sweet stylings below and then follow Balloon Maker for fun, frivolity, and more music. The track will be live everywhere tomorrow 7/2 and also added to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the premiere stream of the track below!

Ballon Maker - Willow Tree



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