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Hypnotic vocal flows soar over a diverse indie-styled instrumental in "Crawl", the latest single from Buffalo, NY-based artist Stress Dolls. Boasting a unique song structure that ultimately ends with an outro so anthemic that it'll leave you with goosebumps, this is a track that's all too easy to leave on repeat.

The lyricism is a huge driving element in this track. The narrative-styled vocals take you through this song like you're being read a book or poem. This is a very visual track. We highly suggest closing your eyes, diving in, and letting your mind create your own music video for "Crawl".

When the track is over, all you want to do is hear more. The good news? We've been told that more music is on the way! Stress Dolls will be releasing a new album in January, so make sure to follow the band (linked above) to stay on top of that.

We added "Crawl" to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new tune below!

Stress Dolls - Crawl

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