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The latest single from NYC post-punk artists Spite House paints a bleak, quietly disquieting image of labor in the United States. “Jezebel” uses cyclical vocal and guitar melodies to express the monochrome monotony of an endless overwork rat race that has eagerly trapped far too many. High, distorted tremolo guitar relays a sense of despair and urgency, while steady bass and drums march coldly forward, demonstrating the inner conflict between the life-fulfilling desire to escape desolate work-life landscapes and the devastating fear that acknowledging this desire yet never being able to act on it would mean falling into utter despair, darkness, even death, at the hopelessness of it all.

This track broaches an incredibly complex socio-political subject just as shrewdly as the most revered classic literature. We would recommend it to anyone. We added the new tune to our Undeground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Come to grips with “Jezebel” and follow Spite House for future releases, including their upcoming LP Fragile Bodies.

Spite House - Jezebel



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