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For this Track Feature, we're looking at "Stay Too Long", the most recent release from New York based artist NO SHADE. What we really like about this track is how genre-bending it is. Imagine if Alternative Hip Hop and Post Hardcore met and had a child...

You're drawn into the track with an eerie hip hop style beat led by by a drowned out guitar. From there, the vocals kick in. This is where the track gets really unique. When you start to hear NO SHADE's vocal flow, you think that you're in for a slow styled pop track. Then the chorus hits... Heavy guitars completely change the style of the song. leaving you headbanging before mellowing out into the second verse.

We appreciate unique styles of music. This was our first time listening to NO SHADE, but "Stay Too Long" has guaranteed that it will not be the last. Check out the artist (linked above) to hear the rest of their music. In the meantime, we added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify, and linked it below.

NO SHADE - Stay Too Long (Spotify Stream)



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