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Ontario based Indie Rockers The Soviet Influence just released their charged new album "Socialism: An Introduction". At 10 tracks long, this is a pretty diverse release, and definitely a fun listen. The band really shines here by blending elements of multiple genre's in each track. You don't really know what you're getting into when a new song starts. Light songs get heavy, heavy songs slow down, overall leaving the listener with an exciting and memorable release.

You're taken on quite the journey while listening to "Socialism: An Introduction", all while being handed impressive vocal and instrumental work, unique transitions, and on point production. Our personal favorite from the album "Oh Not Tonight" is a great summary of the power this band yields. Not only is this a representation of Indie Rock at its finest, it's also a track that shows off the singers vocal skills - reminiscent of Matt Bellamy or even Anthony Green.

We ended up adding "Oh Not Tonight" to the top slot of our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify, but you really need to check out the entire album. Also make sure to follow The Soviet Influence to see what else they have going on. Stream the whole album below!

The Soviet Influence - Socialism: An Introduction

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