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Seattle-based duo, The Melonbars, just dropped their poppy debut single, "Anti-Ultra". Pulling you in with ripping instrumentals under airy and hypnotic vocal flows, this is a dynamic track that any fan of the indie/alt-rock world will love. What a debut!

A debut is a big deal. It serves as the first impression for an artist's entire sound. The Melonbars shine brightly here by being able to deliver a sound that feels both nostalgic while at the same time new. That's a tough thing to accomplish, and it leaves us very excited to see what they have planned next. This duo is a project that every fan of the genre should keep on their radar.

You can jam along to the debut single below. We also have it added to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow The Melonbars so you can stay on top of their future releases. Enjoy!

The Melonbars - "Anti-Ultra"



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