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For a group called Phil The Band, we were very surprised to learn it is not, in fact, a solo project by someone named Phil and, furthermore, there aren’t even any Phils in the group (allegedly). No, the latest single from these Phoenix rockers is so cohesively written, arranged, and tracked, it sounds like the production of a longtime punk quartet releasing the top notchest of Blasting Room records. You could throw a dart at this track blindfolded and you’d hit a great hook no matter what - from the lead vocal melodies and perfectly placed backing harmonies to the catchy guitar riffs set atop a tidy rhythm base.

Lying To Myself” sways like a punk swing dance scene in a slightly dark humor, slightly edgy 90s autumn-themed film that we would have watched on T.V. as kids, back in the days when primetime television was still a bit madcap. We hope these Phils tour because we think this band would go over massively across the U.S. Two thumbs way up.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out “Lying to Myself” and follow Phil the Band for more music and news.

Phil The Band - Lying To Myself


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