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"Save My Place," the newest single from light pop artist Parader, is a spectacle of wonder and grace. Reassuring vocals lead us through an uplifting and inspiring soundtrack with softly keening electric guitar, a subtle piano foundation, and coolly rushing drums. We hear aspects of Mumford & Sons' monumental folk pop movement in the expansive sonic space, but Parader has further pushed the envelope with extra elements from warmly effects-laden praise style music and buoyant indie pop songwriting. Altogether, this track bestows upon the listener the gift of respite and relief even in times of distress - a natural remedy that will dissipate all your temporal worries and offer true, lasting comfort.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Take refuge in “Save My Place," then follow Parader for more band news.

Parader - Save My Place

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