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This is the second issue of our weekly "Havoc Underground's Band of the Week" where we interview bands that we've not only became fans of, but that also contribute to their local music scene. This week, we're happy to share with you punk band OC45 from Boston, MA!

Check out the interview below, and make sure to follow these guys via social media. They absolutely crush it, and are always out doing something!

HU: How long have you guys been a band?

OC45: We played our first show in July of 2011

HU: As a band, who are some of your major music influences?

OC45: There are many of those and the list keeps growing, but to name a few, Rancid, NOFX, Bouncing Souls, The Ramones, The Clash, Operation Ivy, Suicide Machines, Street Dogs, Far From Finished, Teenage Bottlerocket, Dead To Me, Big D and the Kids Table, Johnny Cash, The Flatliners, etc etc etc

HU: What is your favorite hometown venue?

OC45: Unfortunately Boston venues are dropping like flies, but we have to give props to where we got our start... The Midway Cafe.

HU: What’s your favorite part of being from the Boston music scene? Least favorite?

OC45: Favorite part is probably the history/tight knit community. Least favorite, is the favoritism by booking agents. There are so many great bands in this town, but only a select few get the bigger shows.

HU: How did you get your band name?

OC45: Long story, but it was originally Old Crow & The 45’s as a joke, then there was a stupid lawsuit from Old Crow Medicine Show, we shortened it b/c we didn’t take the band seriously. It got serious, we started touring then we were stuck with it. Also, an “OC45” is also a transistor in a distortion pedal that makes it louder.

HU: Who is your favorite local band to play with?

OC45: Too many to go with just one.

HU: Best show you ever played?

OC45: Also a lot to choose from but a few could be Pouzza Fest 2018 (MTL), Sold out show opening for Koffin Kats at The Whisky (Hollywood), The Fest 2017 (GVL, FL), Big D and the Kids Table Halloween show at the Paradise in 2016... and more.

HU: You guys hit the road a lot, what was your favorite tour?

OC45: All the tours we do have their ups and downs, so it’s difficult to chose one as a whole, but in the Spring of 2015, we had a blast out in California and at Punk Rock Bowling that year. Europe w/ The Jukebox Romantics was awesome too!

HU: What is your favorite part about touring?

OC45: The Friends!

HU: Any major news to share?

OC45: We’ve begun writing material for a new full length record.

Check out the video for OC45's song "Down We Go" below. Also make sure to follow them via social media to stay up to date with shows and see what they're doing!




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