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Some sounds are so mesmerizingly dark you can’t help but be attracted to them, unable to escape, like a rogue spaceship sucked into a supermassive black hole, lost to oblivion. “Can’t Forget,” the newest single from Toronto-based rock band Napoleon, is just that. Its densely dark atmosphere is created by riff-dripping electric guitar, driving choppy bass, and thick drums, while the enchanting lead vocals sound both familiar and foreign, like a face you can’t quite place.

The pre-chorus is especially bewitching with a hair-raising sustained vocal line over a sharp guitar lead and drum fill. The lead guitar work later in the track contrastingly uses wah pedal, an effect generally more associated with jam than djent, but it blends tastefully with other stylistic choices in the track for a unique sound. The composition breaks the mold with unpredictable chord progressions, cleverly arranged instrumental sections, and a semi-non-conforming format, resulting in a fresh and compelling release.

Can’t Forget” is a strong showing from the band’s debut EP, "Enemy Within", also recently available on streaming platforms. Listen to the track below and then follow the band here to keep up with news, media, and events.

Napolean - Can't Forget



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