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Retro garage punk triumphantly returns in “Elevator,” the newest single from Toronto artist Lenny Bull. Twangy overdriven lead guitar, thrumming disco bass, and playful drums twist together in a danceable track that sounds equal parts the accompaniment to a sensible self-care routine or a hazardous self-medicated binge. Spiraling dangerously or responsibly moving on - we can’t quite decide.

The lyrics tell us to finally get up and get out of situations (or relationships) that are ultimately time wasters. It’s the perfect union of punky tone, laidback proto-punk vocals, and short and sweet pop formatting. Go out and get ‘er done.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out “Elevator” below and follow Lenny Bull for more band updates.

Lenny Bull - Elevator

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