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This is the fourth issue of our weekly "Havoc Underground's Band of the Week" where we interview bands that we've not only become fans of, but that also contribute to their local music scene. This week, we're happy to bring you the melodic punk band, Kid You Not, from St. Augustine, FL.

HU: How long have you guys been a band?

KYN: We got together around late spring/early summer of 2015. We had a handful of songs we began working on, and thought we would keep working at it for the rest of the year before even thinking about playing live. After we first got together a few people heard some rough demos we had worked on (mostly to help us remember the songs we were writing), and only about 3 months after we first started that led to us being asked to open for Face To Face as our first show. So we kicked it into high gear to finish everything we'd been working on because there's no way you can say "no" or "we're not ready yet" to Face to Face.  I few months after that towards the end of the year, a friend of ours passed our name and demo over to Tony at Fest and we got invited to play that following year. And here we are now! 

HU: As a band what are some of your musical influences?

KYN: We've always been influenced by some of the band we grew up with like Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, the Descendents, Millencolin, Face to Face.  But of course most people hear a lot of our later influences like Great Apes, Spraynard, Latterman, Iron Chic, Red City Radio. We all were probably listening to that stuff a lot more when we first started writing, but we really always just try to take those influences and use them as just that - and influence to create our own sound.

HU: What is your favorite hometown venue?

KYN: Sarbez is our favorite hometown venue. There's really only a couple of places to even choose from in St. Augustine. 

HU: How did you guys get you band name?

KYN: We just started making a list of random names, nothing ever stuck. One day I was watching some movie and a character said blah blah blah "I kid you not"... and something from that just stuck with me at the moment.

HU: Who is your favorite local band to play with?

KYN: There's not a lot around St Augustine at the moment, Charlie/Mental boy I think may be the only one around at the moment that we've actually played with. We've made some really good scene just in the region though that we love playing with. Friendly Fire and Flag on Fire in Jacksonville, Caffiends and Rushmore in Orlando, and You Vandal in Gainesville.  We've been playing a good bit this year with You Vandal, doing some weekend warrior 3-4 day mini tours together. They've pretty much become our favorite people in the world.


HU: Best show you ever played?

KYN: The 2nd year we played Fest I think was our best and most fun any of us have had so far.  Each time at Fest has been amazing, but that 2nd one really sticks out. Hoping this year will take that award though!


HU: Any major news to share?  

KYN: We're just really excited about this upcoming record. We're so thankful and grateful to the people who have decided to stand behind us on our music. John at Deep Elm, Damon and the crew at Bypolar, Tony at Fest, and those lovable You Vandal kids who for some reason keep wanting to go out of town with us.

Their upcoming album, "Home Again", is set to be released on October 12th. You can stream "Only Posers Die", the debut single from the album, HERE

Also make sure to check these guys out at FEST in Gainesville, FL. They will be playing Rockey's on October 28th.

Follow Kid You Not to keep up to date with show announcements and other bands news!

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