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For our newest Band of the Week feature, we're stoked to bring you Punk band Forsaken Profits! Check out our interview with the band below.

HU: First off, it's great to talk to you guys. Thanks for taking the time. For those who don’t know, who is Forsaken Profits?

FP: Forsaken Profits started back in 2012 via Tyler & Bryan. We ran a house venue for six years called Dragons Den. We gave touring bands a place to perform and stay at. Not only that but we offered DIY recordings and music videos. After that got shut down we focused on touring. Here is a Free Dragons Den Comp with over 100 songs from artists who performed at the Den

HU: We know you've been a very active band the last few years, could you choose a favorite show? (or tour if that's easier)

FP: With our focus being on tour we hit the road as often as possible. Last year we were able to pull off five tours and luckily we got to squeeze one in this year before the world went to shit. Honestly SKATOPIA is our favorite place in the entire world to perform at! Every show there has been fucking awesome! As for tour: Jello Shots In My Pocket 2018 Tour Documentary:

HU: How does the writing process usually work with Forsaken Profits?

FP: We all contribute our strengths in the writing process. Each of us rocks a different style and approach to writing, hence why our music is so diverse. It's like a pizza with everything on it

HU: Who is a band that you've met through playing shows that we should all be listening to right now?

FP: The Chodes

HU: How have you guys been handling the COVID-19 shutdown? FP: Our Coast to Coast tour got cancelled because of COVID so that sucked. Thankfully we were able to perform at SKATOPIA on Halloween weekend and we shot a new music video so the year wasn't entirely a bust. We miss all our friends and family on the road and look forward to booking another tour whenever the world allows it.

Forsaken Profits - Revenge of the Taco Monster

HU: Do you guys have a favorite song to perform live? Is there a fan favorite live?

FP: Honestly whatever song gets the crowd moving. We got banned from a place in Texas back in January because the audience destroyed the venue during our set. This was our first and last time performing there. 10/10 would wreck again. Off the latest album fans voiced that they enjoyed "Nuke 'em High" but I myself will always be a fan of "Revenge of the Taco Monster".

HU: Anything new coming up for Forsaken Profits?

FP: We just released a new music video for "American Dream" from our performance at the Skatopia 2020 Backwoods Blowout! It's pretty gnarly some dude drove his car into the bonfire during our set! Check it out!

Forsaken Profits - American Dream


There you have it - Forsaken Profits! You can follow the band on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to see what else they have going on. With no touring, this is a tough time for musicians. Check out their music below, and if you dig it, buy that shit!

Forsaken Profits - Destroy The Evidence


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