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This is the third issue of our weekly "Havoc Underground's Band of the Week" where we interview bands that we've not only became fans of, but that also contribute to their local music scene. This week, we're happy to share with you Hey Thanks! from Lafayette, LA.

Check out the Interview below!

HU: How long have you guys been a band?

Hey Thanks: We've been a band for about two and half years now and we have loved every second of it.

HU: As a band, who are some of your major musical influences?

Hey Thanks: Some of the biggest influences we have as a band are Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, and Mayday Parade.

HU: What is your favorite hometown venue?

Hey Thanks: Our favorite hometown venue would probably have to be The Platform. It's a fun and inviting venue with a really good hot dog restaurant on the side called Dat Dog.

HU: What’s your favorite part about being from the Lafayette music scene? Least Favorite?

Hey Thanks: The Best part about being from the Lafayette music scene is that it is growing and we see so many people coming together. It's really great to see our community growing. The worst part about the scene is probably that we don't get a lot of bands passing through. There always seems to be a Texas date and an Alabama date with an off date in between them on every tour flier. We want to do our best to try and make Lafayette a well known scene so it can be on everyone's list of cities to play in.

HU: How did you get your band name?

Hey Thanks: We got our band name from a B-side track by The Wonder Years off of their album "The Upsides" called Hey Thanks. A few of us have listened to them since that album came out and we wanted our music to be a little different than the "norm". Kind of like how "Hey Thanks" was on that album.

HU: Who is your favorite local band to play with?

Hey Thanks: Our favorite locals to play with would have to be Chelsea Nora and Hand Out. Chelsea is just super cool and a great person. Her music is just as amazing also. Hand Out is another amazing band that's doing some really cool stuff. We're always jamming them in the van.

HU: Best show you ever played?

Hey Thanks: The Best show we've ever played was in Austin, Texas. It was at The Sidewinder on the outside stage and the line up was Gold Steps, Home Above, Burning Years, and Dozer. There were probably close to 100 people there and the Austin music scene is just awesome all around. Definitely a night to remember!

HU: What was your favorite tour?

Hey Thanks: Our favorite tour was the first time we went out. We were on tour with our buddies in Unamused Dave supporting them in the Midwest and North East. It was just a good time and we can't wait to meet back up with those guys.

HU: What is your favorite part about touring?

Hey Thanks: Our favorite part about touring is seeing the entire country and meeting new people. Just the fact that you get to play a show almost every night is rad also.

HU: Any major news to share?

Hey Thanks: We just finished recording a new EP that we are expecting to come out early 2019 that we're really excited for. We also just announced a tour with Kill The Clock in the northeast. So if we're passing through your area come say hey we'd love to meet you!

Make sure so follow Hey Thanks! on Spotify and social media to catch a show and hear their new music! Check out the video for their song "Stepping Stone" below:

Also take a look at their October tour dates with Kill The Clock (also a Havoc Underground Band of the Week), and see if you can catch these guys in a town near you!



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