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Pittsburgh punks, Griffen Handshake, ended the year on a high note. Their latest single, "Emergency Exit", is an anthemic new tune that features clever lyricism over a poppy and well-produced instrumental. These guys have been on our radar for a while now, and it looks like they've been busy releasing a steady stream of punk-rooted bangers.

Written about a date gone terribly wrong, "It's a song that captures the anticipation of going out to dinner with someone you're excited about to only find out they had a second date lined up after yours all along.". Brutal! The delivery here doesn't come off as a bummer track at all, though. This is an impressive display of songwriting that any fan of the genre will enjoy. Griffen Handshake has succeeded in crafting a powerful sound, especially for a duo!

It looks like they're continuing to release new music, so while you can jam along to the new single below, make sure to also follow along (linked above) to stay on top of what else they might have coming up. We also added "Emergency Exit" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Griffen Handshake - "Emergency Exit"



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