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Minneapolis-based punk band, Hush Victoria, recently delivered their debut self-titled EP. Equipped with three ripping anthems, this is an impressive debut! Each track drifts effortlessly into the next, and by the time it's over, all you want to do is hear more. That's exactly what an EP is supposed to do.

Hush Victoria boasts a unique and anthemic blend of styles. Punk, Grunge, and Alt-Rock, all smash together with a dash of 90's Rock. The band shines here by crafting a sound that's raw but doesn't sacrifice production quality. There's an energetic vibe that's so heavily present, you'll find it hard to take these three tracks off repeat. We're not sure what they have planned next, but it's obvious that they have found "their sound", and we're here for it.

While the emotions change a bit from track to track, this is a perfectly aligned set of songs. Whether it's the rock n roll danceability of "Under the rug", the fast and in-your-face punk/grunge vibe of "Acetylene", or the heartbreaking anthem of "Forever A.M.", Hush Victoria has succeeded in delivering an impressive display of songwriting. Overall, this is a dynamic release that any fan of the genre is going to love.

You can jam the EP in its entirety below. We also added a couple of tracks to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Hush Victoria so you can stay on top of their future releases. Enjoy!

Hush Victoria - Hush Victoria EP

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