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Hypnotic vocal flows steal the show in "Sparks", the new 6 track banger from U.K. based Rock band CATALYSTS. Paired with impressive instrumentals, unique transitions, and spot-on production, this EP is pure Alternative Rock gold.

Best enjoyed from start to finish, "Sparks" takes you on quite the audio journey. By the time the EP is over, all you want to do is hear more, and that's exactly what an EP is supposed to do. Every element is hit here, leaving the listener with an overall anthemic and powerful release that's hard to take off repeat. We're not sure what the band has planned next, but we cannot wait to hear more.

It was hard to choose a favorite track. Some tracks like "Ultimate Warrior III" bring in a heavier vocal side padded with an almost punk rock instrumental, while the title track from the EP is more focused on a softer and anthemic sound. The band definitely succeeded her in crafting 6 tracks that flow together, while at the same time making them unique.

We added a couple of tracks to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can stream the EP in its entirety below. Make sure to follow CATALYSTS to see what else they have going on. Enjoy!



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