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The Fest is back, and we're fucking stoked about it. We're even more stoked to have Havoc Underground as a sponsor this year! So... if you're going to Fest 19, we wanted to compile a list of 15 bands you need to see.

There are so many rad bands playing, that we already know this list will be followed up by a part 2 (perhaps even a part 3!). Also, bigger acts like Hot Water Music, Frank Turner, and The Lawrence Arms won't be included. They're headliners for a reason, so this list is for the undergrounders!

Okay, one last thing... The Fest doesn't have any bad acts. Every show is rad, and that's what makes this festival full of misfits the best weekend of the year. We're definitely not trying to exclude anyone. So, with that being said, here are 15 bands we feel you really need to catch live at Fest 19 - No particular order.


There you have it! Like we said earlier, don't be surprised if this list is followed up by a couple more. The lineup is completely stacked this year, so any show you catch, you're guaranteed to have a good time. For any updates, you can check out The Fest website. See you in October!

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