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Kansas City emo grunge band You Monster You have just released their newest single, “Grip,” a song about inner turmoil becoming unbearably laser-focused over the course of the pandemic. About the past year, and reflected shrewdly in the song’s lyrics, the band writes, “the lives, livelihoods, and attachments we built our identities around evaporated suddenly, leaving…[us] with nothing but our own psyche to grapple with and very few outlets within our reach.”

In spite of its sensitive theme, “Grip” is a delightfully fun indie punky track that craftily balances thoughtful lyrics with head bopping drum beats, hook-tastic instrumental riffs, a pleasing and approachable lead vocal style, and big anthemic choruses filled to the brim with shout-along gang vocals. It kind of reminds us of a less mathy, more pop and org core oriented, earlier version of PUP. And we absolutely adore it.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new track below and then follow You Monster You for more updates.

You Monster You - Grip

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