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Los Angeles based Alternative Rock band, Wrenn, just released their new song "Maggie Gylenhall". We had the chance to listen to this song before its release, and it is a super catchy Indie hit. This was actually our first time listening to Wrenn, and we could immediately tell why their fans love them.

"Maggie Gylenhall" is a bass and ambient guitar driven song with an incredibly catchy chorus. Reminiscent of bands like Interpol, Chaos Chaos or Bloc Party, Wrenn brings something new into the mix. The band did such a good job at blending a nostalgic sound while adding a new twist, that we also added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist. This song shows that Wrenn is not band you should sleep on.

Wrenn - Maggie Gylenhall (Spotify Stream)


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