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Fans of The Strokes, ELO, and/or thrashy indie rock tinged with 70s glam pop will adore the newest single from Dutch rockers Wodan Boys. From the band that is self-described “loudmouth rock music” comes “So Damn Much,” combining the melodic genius of ageless pop with disco dance rhythms, metallic guitar scales, 90s alt rock fuzz, and lead vocals fit for modern indie rock - seemingly disparate elements arranged into a punchy, uplifting track.

The band calls this song a “pep talk” - an intentionally edgy number boxing through life’s daily grind to rescue our loved ones from the clutches of a fast and furious world that doesn’t always appreciate them. In the midst of post-holiday cold weather doldrums, a bright, fiery track like this one is the nuclear strength Vitamin D that’ll power us through ‘til spring.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Spin “So Damn Much” for an instant pick-me-up and stay tuned for Wodan Boys’ EP release this March.

Wodan Boys - So Damn Much

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