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Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Problems” is the latest single revealed by Ottawa pop punk band We Were Sharks in advance of their upcoming album “New Low,” which is set to release May 21.

While much of the band’s discography embodies that well-known modern pop punk style, this track is slightly different, creating a dance-y pop rock feel while still revealing a glimmer of their more customary pop punk sound. The writing is fun and incredibly catchy, and the track has a great full, radiant sound. (Shout out to the mix engineer.) Shining lead and harmony vocals soar over crunchy thick twin guitar riffs and leads, driving deep bass tone, and effortlessly trim drumming. If One Direction were a punk/rock band, this is what they would sound like. Catchy, bright, energetic, and danceable.

Give a listen below or on any streaming platform. And look for the band’s upcoming album release by following them on Facebook here or preordering on their website here. We look forward to cranking the full album while cruising down the beach in our compact convertibles this spring.

We Were Sharks - Problems



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