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German Alternative/Pop Punk band, Wait of the World, just released their new track "Bite My Tongue". This is a really cool track from the band. We had a chance to listen to it before its release, and it was a song that drew us in immediately.

Wait of the World originally formed back in 2013 in Munich, Germany. Blending genre's and musical styles, the band really has started to define their own sound. "Bite My Tongue" is a great example of this. The track starts off with an in-your-face instrumental that immediately is followed by catchy and clean vocals. From there, you're taken on a journey that boasts impressive and poppy choruses, a chilling instrumental breakdown bridge, and an epic outro.

This is a track that leaves you wanting more from the band, so we'll definitely be on the look out for their next release. We liked this track so much we added it to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist. All in all, "Bite My Tongue" has everything you want from a track like this, and more.

Wait of the World - Bite My Tongue (Music Video)

Wait of the World - Bite My Tongue (Spotify Stream)


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