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Updated: May 12, 2021

The Corps hail from Vancouver, BC and defend Sector 2814 using nothing but the power of Punk Rock. and, occasionally, really cool rings. Caught the reference, yet? That’s right, Green Lantern! These guys have been slinging out tasty punk rock jams, all based on DC comics. So if you’re into comics and enjoy upbeat, tight, energetic punk rock, wicked guitar solos, and the perfect amount of silliness, The Corps is right up your alley.

They write these songs in such a way, that you don’t need to know the comics to enjoy the songs. As the comics are, the songs are applicable to many situations and scenarios, making them totally relatable, still. They’ve managed to sprinkle in just enough comic references to make someone who’s read “Brightest Day” or “Darkest Night” giddy, without turning it into a nerd fest. It’s the perfect combination.

Even though these guys can play a hell of a show on the stage, they’re just as good off the stage. They put out bits of content regularly, and you can always count on a laugh. They’re that group of guys that just mesh perfectly with each other, and they can turn anything into a joke. With that being said, they’ve released a video last year for their song “Breakfast at Pamela’s” and it is nothing short of Gold. 80’s themed, killer costumes, and one of the best tracks of the debut album “Tales from 2814”, available HERE. We also added this rack to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the video below!

The Corps - Breakfast at Pamela's


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