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Hypnotic vocal work skates across an infectiously catchy instrumental in "Lay Of The Land", the latest effort from U.K.-based Indie/Alt-Rock band The Shop Window. Boasting a unique array of song transitions, this is a track that keeps you on your feet, while at the same time rooted in its big and anthemic choruses.

The lyricism is pretty heavy in this track as well. When asked about the new single, the band has this to say, “It’s about experiencing dark times along the way, getting lost down a few rabbit holes, meeting the wrong people, and getting oneself back into a better place. Eventually figuring out what this is all about, Love!” Powerful stuff right there, and the band definitely succeeded in expressing the meaning behind the song.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Make sure you follow The Shop Window to see what else they have going on. Check out the music video for the new single below!

The Shop Window - Lay Of The Land


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