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U.K.-based band, The Fades, are back with another catchy new single. "You Follow Me Around" is a poppy indie/punk track that features big poppy hooks, ripping guitars, groovy bass lines, punchy drums, and spot-on production. This is a band that's been on our radar since earlier this year, and this release further cements our view that The Fades are a name that more will know soon.

The second single from the band's upcoming LP that will be released later this year, "You Follow Me Around" boasts an infectious energy that leaves you wanting more. That's exactly what a single is supposed to do, and the band really shines here by crafting a beautiful blend of punk, garage, post-punk, and indie rock to leave us with the perfect bop to close out the Summer.

You can check out the music video for the new tune below. We also added the track to both our Underground Punk and Underground Indie & Alternative playlists on Spotify. Make sure to follow The Fades to stay on top of any new album info.

The Fades - "You Follow Me Around"

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