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Stay Idle is a rising punk rock band from the woods of East Belgium. Their unique raw garage brand of punk is described as “the return of the punk rock anthem.” With the release of “The Algorhythm” they cracked the code to a remarkably catchy banger of a track.

The Algorhythm” begins with a deep, buzzing riff before the catchy lead vocals enter the fray. The track maintains a sense of urgency that grips the listener from the jump and never lets go. However, the track is a roller coaster of tempo, and the verses build up to chaotic and energetic choruses that anyone can dance to or headbang with. The track then concludes with a breakdown of pure aggression as the outro. I am not a regular punk listener, but the track still has a bit of quirkiness in its melody and lyrics that set it apart. I can see “The Algorhythm,” and Stay Idle in general, becoming a radio mainstay with this unique formula.

Stay Idle - "The Algorhythm"



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