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Ski Mask” is the newest single from Halifax-based “funk punk” band Spirit of the Wildfire. From the opening riffs, we feel a sense of imbalance and urgency. Speak-sung vocals over a repeated guitar motif, partially improvised counter-melody, soft bass, and curt drums in the verses transition abruptly to high energy speak-screaming over fuzzy guitars, grooving bass, and heavy drums in the choruses.

It’s heavier than Linkin Park and punkier than RATM, filling a niche all its own. The music video is equally hectic, showing alternating scenes of a criminal carjacking and house ransacking with scenes of the band rocking out in a punked out basement. Check out the new video below, then follow Spirit of the Wildfire for more band updates. We also added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Spirit of the Wildfire - Ski-Mask


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