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There is an argument to be made that in 2024, pop punk has undergone a resurgence and has grown to become as prevalent as it has ever been. Although the track was released in December, SOSA THE SODA argues for their straight-to-the-point “Summer (best served chilled!)” to be the year’s spring break and summer anthem.

Summer (best served chilled!)” is a quick dose, coming in at a 1:50 run-time, but they pack a truly fun experience in less than two minutes. They stick close to the standard pop-punk formula but add enough charisma and flair to make it a fun experience. The break in the bridge when they yell, “It’s time to hit pause!... and start again,” will be incredibly fun for a live audience. The song, bolstered by infectious lead vocals, describes ditching your problems and heading to the seven seas. We can all relate to needing an escape from the stressors in our lives, and SOSA THE SODA perfectly depicts this catharsis.

SOSA THE SODA - "Summer (best served chilled!)


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