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“Trash punk” is the self-described genre of up-and-coming, and aptly named, London duo Slobheads. We have never encountered this exact term before, but it seems quite fitting for the band’s newest release, “Ain’t Nothing New,” in which we’re violently swallowed by aggressive trashy, thrashy, distortion. If Oscar The Grouch fronted a band with his garbage fiend pals, it would definitely sound like this - destructive. Those brave (or foolish) enough to wade through the toxic wasteland of harsh noise and into the trash generator chaos will find there’s a garage-y surf punk quality hidden there too. Surfy drum grooves and guitar licks occasionally surface within the overtly clipping, intensely overdriven vocal and instrumental tracks.

On the lofi intensity spectrum, where “beats for studying” comes in at the comfortable, relaxed rating of 1.0, this track comes in at soul-crushing 10 as possibly the rawest, fuzziest, most extreme low fidelity track we’ve ever encountered, at least in the punk genre. And the raw intensity makes perfect sense, as the track is meant to echo the frustrations of daily work life and our knee-jerk reactions to them. So, those of you who thrill to the sounds of mechanical junkyard clanging and banging, like that scene near the end of The Brave Little Toaster where all the cars are singing mournfully whilst being dragged away to their alarming trash compactor deaths, will almost certainly enjoy this song. (Who put that song in a children’s movie, you monsters.) Check out the track below and then keep up with what is sure to be the fascinating evolution of the trash punk genre by following Slobheads.

Slobheads - Ain't Nothing New



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