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A reflection of where a man can get when his heart turns cold to the world around him,” is what Las Vegas alt-rock duo Pure writes of their new single “Daze Off.” Alternative metal genres blend together in a track that features doomy guitar and bass riffs, snappy drums, and ambient keyboard overtones. Nu metal influence is especially prominent in the track’s instrumental section, which employs that recognizable Arabic maqam style scale popularly referenced in early 2000s nu metal. Lyrics that blur themes of interpersonal conflict with internalized self-loathing are dispatched via the skillful juxtaposition of clean and dirty vocals, further adding to the tension and intensity of their meaning.

The music video itself irreverently portrays life in the throes of alcoholism, with characters guzzling copious amounts of PBR, unabashedly attempting solo cornhole, and irrationally air-drumming using kitchen utensils. And while the activities in the video may appear humorous, the intensity of the music and the video’s final scene still remind us that the end result is not. So here’s a reminder to check in on your friends from time to time to ensure they aren’t trying to fry their hangover breakfast eggs in the previous night’s leftover beer - that could be a bad sign.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. For other entertaining music videos, including some instrumental playthroughs, check out the duo’s Facebook page HERE.

Pure - Daze Off



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