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Here’s the latest track to drop from Oregon indie trio Novacane. “Bad Breath” has that classic West Coast indie beach pop vibe complete with lush guitars, grooveable drums, and excellently chill bass. The track arrangement is tight with rhythmic stops, pinpoint articulation, and a breakdown featuring [spoiler alert] a tidy, effective drum solo followed by lowkey blues guitar. Overall the track is fun, laidback, and reminds us of pleasantly breezy summer weather.

(For Portlanders, think Rio Grands, but rockier.)

The music video totally fits the vibe, as it features three best buds taking a quick trip to the Pacific…which in the Northwest is actually pretty much freezing year round. The artistic choice to apply a warm rose gold filter to the video is just *chef’s kiss* because it really sells the mood. However, we were startled and yet mesmerized by the video’s conclusion. It’s a deep ending to a seemingly fun and carefree track. See for yourself.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. For updates, photos, and more music videos, check out the band’s Facebook page here.

Novacane - Bad Breath



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