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A hypnotic bass line immediately pulls you into "Doombox", the new single from L.A.-based Indie Rock/Pop duo, Moon Walker. From there, you're thrown into a beautiful journey of orchestrated chaos.

Impressive vocal flows take lead here as they fly over a ripping and dancey instrumental. This is an easy song to groove or rock out to, your choice! Shredding guitars play a heavy role in crafting this unique and overall refreshing sound. We added the new tune to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify.

By the time you're done experiencing the wild RIDE that is "Doombox", only one thought remains in your head. "I NEED MORE!". Well, fear not. We've been told that this is the lead single from a new album that the band plans to release sometime this year. You can check out the track below. Make sure to follow Moon Walker to see what else they have going on. Enjoy!

Moon Walker - Doombox



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