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Inimitable LA rockers Love Ghost are back with another impressive, heartfelt single entitled “Fade Away (Shave My Head).” While previous releases by this group have leaned toward lofi trap/hip hop, “Fade Away” is closer to a unique, decelerated brand of emo alt rock, though it still maintains Love Ghost’s distinctive propensity for dynamic songwriting that features natural transitions between quiet, low key sections with almost listless vocal delivery and heavier sections with distressed, impassioned vocals.

The lyrics reveal the inner turmoil of a distraught narrator who is “constantly wanting to change something to feel ok” in the face of inescapable, seemingly endless, and incapacitating mental health issues and the accompanying side effects of disassociation. The lyrics are harrowing - painfully real, yet artistic even in their simplicity. The chorus’s repeated call of “don’t fade away” is the distressed cry of a narrator pleading with himself to remain on the line despite the pain.

Everything we’ve heard from this band so far breaks through genre boundaries while also proffering up vulnerable songwriting so that each song feels like an utterly rare find. Everyone should be keeping their eyes and ears on this band. Follow the group's Facebook page here to do just that.

Love Ghost - Fade Away (Shave My Head)



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