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Virginia grunge pop quartet Longsleeves has just released a smoking new single and accompanying music video entitled “Afghan.” The lyrics nostalgically look back on a carefree, yet at times dangerous, childhood and disclose a simultaneous dread at losing one’s youth in unwilling exchange for the sink or swim responsibilities of adulthood. A subdued opening verse lulls us into mellow melancholy while the chorus ramps up in intensity with heightened vocals, keening waves of electric guitar, running bass, and crashing drums.

The narrator’s storytelling coupled with the music video’s scenes of analog and digital footage spanning several years sets a vulnerable tone that lies precariously between heartache and bitterness. This track will draw you in.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Reminisce with “Afghan” and follow Longsleeves for more band updates.

Longsleeves - Afghan



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