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Good things come in threes, right? 3 wishes, 3 wise men, hat tricks, nipples… (I’ve gotta check my notes on that last one.) and most recently the Nashville pop-punk trio Keep Warm. They say the third time is a charm but not for these dudes, they recently released their first produced track ever, “Power Wagon”, and I’d say they’re off to a helluva start.

It’s a solid mid-tempo pop punk number that dispenses with the frills and gets down to business. It appears to have been written about a hard-workin’ woman who just wants to have some fun and if you can’t relate to that, I can’t relate to you. The only hazard is that it might get stuck in your head for a few days and if so, you have my permission to curse their name three times. Well done boys, keep em comin’.

We added the track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify.

Keep Warm - "Power Wagon"


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